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Join the club!

Growing your own food and creating your own beautiful garden has never been easier! The Diggers Club is Australia's largest garden club with over 40 years experience in providing the best range of heirloom seeds and plants. Members enjoy 6 magazines per year, 8 free packets of seed per year, member discounts on all products, free expert horticultural advice and much more.

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Shop Seeds

It's the perfect time to be out in the garden, browse our vast range of flower and vegetable seeds for a beautiful and productive garden this year.

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Shop Garden supplies

Shop our huge range of garden supplies- from gloves and knee pads to pruners, propagators and snail traps!

Shop our range garden supplies range

Shop Plants

Browse through our vast range of plants here and discover how to create a garden that provides colour for months on end.

Shop our full range of available plants.

The Diggers Foundation

Clive and Penny Blazey, founders of The Diggers Club, gifted ownership of their highly successful garden company, along with family-owned properties Heronswood and St Erth, to The Diggers Foundation (formerly the Diggers Garden and Environment Trust) in 2011.

“We established The Diggers Foundation to ensure that the work we’ve done over more than 30 years in preserving historic gardens and houses as well as the best garden traditions through education will continue forever,” said Clive.

The Foundation strives to conserve historic gardens, buildings and cultural heritage and to protect heirloom seeds and our Vision is:

“To encourage and inspire gardeners to create beautiful and productive gardens for a sustainable future.”

Visit The Diggers Foundation website

Shop the Heirloom seed Annual

Brimming with over 500 vegetable and flower seed varieties for every gardener in every climate. Don't miss out on your complete guide to sowing and growing throughout the year.

Browse and shop our digital magazine today.

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Cloudehill & adelaide garden shops open

Cloudehill Gardens and the Adelaide Garden Shop are now reopen. Please visit the gardens page for opening hours before planning your trip.

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Diggers Select Roses

Roses have been a favourite of gardeners for centuries. Known for their heavenly fragrance, hardy nature and opulent, heady blooms, they are jewels of the garden. Now is the time to prepare your garden bed for planting your bare root roses. Browse our great range of roses, selected by Diggers for garden worthiness, fragrance and flowering length order now:

David Austin Roses
Rugosa Roses
Heirloom Garden Roses

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Monthly Garden Guide

The dawn of a new season brings about a variety of new tasks to do in the garden, for more information about our quick tips to get the most out of your garden this winter, visit our monthly garden guide page.

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